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Alcoholics Anonymous – The Big Book
June Special Price: $9.50

Do you remember hearing a story, a really good story, and thinking, “Wait a minute, that could be me; I could do that.” That’s what happens over and again when people hear, read and tell the stories from what’s known as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Sometimes people respond from their own personal perspective and hope blooms in their hearts as they realize, “I could get healthy like that.” Maybe that’s you. The problem addressed in programs and most importantly stories is that reaching for your particular potential while dragging a giant bag of dung along, tends to make your quest difficult, while the stink causes other people to scatter.

That’s one way to describe addiction. There are plenty more in the Big Book. The reason the Big Book has been around for over 80 years is because it contains not only a simple program to dispense with addiction, but also lots of great stories about people who thought death would be better than the life they were leading until someone came along with a story. One man came to the point where he said, “There was nothing else to live for, but I was too frightened to die.” Then a sober member of AA sat down with me and told her story – how she drank, what happened, and how she got sober. No one had ever done that before.” Could be there’s a story for you or a loved one in those pages. Check it out!