Dedicated to ending intimate violence

Stepping Stones provides 24/7/365 Advocacy Services for families escaping abuse in West Yavapai County. Contact our Helpline: 928.445.HOPE (4673)

24/7 Emergency and Advocacy Services

Since 1980, dedicated advocates have been available 24/7/365 for local families who need safety and support to live lives free from domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of victimization. Learn more about our 24/7 Helpline, safe shelter, and advocacy services.

Mission Based Social Enterprises

Stepping Stones’ Thrift Stores, Step One Coffee House, Step One Community Center, Next Chapter Recovery Bookstore, and Step One Publishing provide paid job training and generate revenue to keep our 24/7/365 services available for local adults and children. Learn more about shopping with Stepping Stones.

Get Involved

Our services are possible because of the generosity of our community that volunteers and donates with Stepping Stones. Find out how you can become part of the Stepping Stones team and give back for local families to find a pathway to safety and self-sufficiency in our community.

March is NO MORE Month

March is NO MORE month and the nationwide NO MORE campaign originally began in 2014. Here at Stepping Stones, saying NO MORE to violence is helping adults step-by-step to find freedom from all forms of victimization through our advocacy programs. With the support of...

Saying NO MORE to Victimization

In 2018, 201 adults and children received face-to-face advocacy services at Stepping Stones. Adults who have participated in Stepping Stones programs are asked to take an anonymous survey upon completion of the program to provide feedback on how they feel their lives...

Follow a Family: “Security through routine”

You’ve heard a little about Stephanie* and her family last month, and this month, read an update about what she has been working on so far. Don’t forget - each month, we will give updates about her time working toward freedom from all forms of victimization with...