Stepping Stones advocacy services provide support for hundreds of families each year as they work hard to live free from abuse. As the adults receiving support continue to take steps forward, they often want to support others who are walking the same path.

What we know after 44 years of service is that some of the best support an adult can receive comes from those who truly understand what they are experiencing because they’ve been there before. Because of this, residents in our transitional housing also serve as mentor advocates. A mentor advocate helps provide support on our shelter campus by welcoming and answering questions for new residents, as well as helping advocates with phone calls and educational support groups.

Mentor advocates are able to give back and serve by offering their own experience, strength, and hope for the families who are just starting to take steps toward lives free from abuse. One mentor shared:

“When I first came to Stepping Stones, I met Sarah* within my first hour at shelter. She had been there for 6 months. We started talking about living at shelter and her story sounded a lot like mine. I felt like someone understood me and got what had happened in my life. That conversation helped me feel better and less scared to be in shelter. Now, I get to be someone else’s ‘Sarah’ by sharing and supporting them when they come to shelter. It makes a big difference.”

If you or someone else needs support because of domestic violence or other forms of abuse, please call our 24/7/365 Helpline and speak with our advocates – 928-445-4673.

* name changed