We are grateful for all our customers, friends, and supporters who continue to make a difference for local families finding freedom from abuse by shopping, donating, and serving with us!

We know there are questions about our news of The Big Switch, and we want to help clarify those FAQ’s!

If you missed the news, check out our webpage here, our press release on Signals AZ, or the article in The Daily Courier.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Big Switch:

Just to be clear – what’s moving where?

  • Our Prescott Valley thrift stores – the Red Barn location and the Clothing Outlet location – will combine and move into Armadilla Wax Works and $6 Deals spaces.
  • Armadilla Wax Works will move into the Red Barn building.
  • $6 Deals will move into the Clothing Outlet.

With a lot of careful planning, we have a plan to make the transition as smooth as possible!

Is Step One Coffee House moving?
No! It’s staying put for now. The only thing moving right now is the Red Barn thrift store and the Clothing Outlet.

Are the Step One Community Center meeting rooms closing?
No! It’s business as usual for our meeting rooms at Step One Community Center. We’re continuing to book our meeting rooms – call Leslie to make an appointment about our meeting rooms: 928-772-4184.

Is there enough parking at the new building?
Yes! We’ll have plenty of parking and plenty of treasures in one BIG store for our awesome customers.

How will I find this place? I don’t know where it is.
Stepping Stones Thrift Store’s new location beginning Wednesday, August 14 is: 2651 N. Industrial Way, Prescott Valley. Click here for a map to see how you can get there!

When will the new location be open?
We will be opening our thrift store at the new location on Wednesday, August 14 at 9 am. This is a soft opening, as there are always little changes that have to be made when settling into a new store!

We’ll be throwing a Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, August 17 which is National Thrift Store Day, too! Come and celebrate with us – we’ll have food and fun all day long – Click here to read more.