Advocates at Stepping Stones lead educational support groups on topics like co-dependency, childhood trauma, and dynamics of intimate partner violence.

What does it take to become a better version of yourself? Imagine taking time each day to reflect on the areas you are struggling with in life, stop blaming others, and identifying small steps you can take to “be better.” It’s tough to be vulnerable, to say “I need help with this part of my life” and then have someone hold you accountable. It’s uncomfortable to deal with trauma, fear, and memories that have been locked away inside for years. That is what brave women do each day at Stepping Stones. They take the messy, difficult steps toward a life free from chaos and abuse. They learn to let go of parts of life that they cannot control and choose to focus on the areas that they can impact. And, they do it all with the support of advocates and peers who understand how tough it can be.

Stepping Stones’ 24/7/365 advocacy services and safe shelter provides families with a chance to BE BETTER – better moms, better co-workers, and most importantly, better versions of themselves. It happens through a rigorously truthful and often difficult therapeutic approach including one-on-one advocacy, education groups, safety planning, and honest inventory of their lives. Being a better version of oneself is a journey of ups and downs — a long process that requires consistency and action in order to break through barriers, but all the hard work is worth it when we can celebrate lives free from all forms of victimization.