written by Suzi Jacobson, Stepping Stones advocate and 12-step bookstore manager

Adults and children who have experienced intimate domestic violence and sexual assault have a longing to break out of that pattern. At Stepping Stones, we’ve discovered that it takes more than longing for one to do that. Realizing and reaching for one’s potential takes a decision to do the hard work required to break old patterns of behavior. Building new patterns and making healthy choices is just plain hard work. What is needed is a safe place to grow those new behaviors, learn new skills, and get a second chance to discover the best of yourself.

How does it happen? At Stepping Stones, we offer specific educational programs that are supportive and cover topics like recovery, relationship skills, and understanding childhood and family patterns. These groups help adults to begin taking a look at their lives and patterns that they can then address through therapy and other supportive fellowship.

In our thrift store, we offer training and employment in a variety of ways. People who work in the thrift store have a safe environment to learn and grow as they gain valuable retail experience in receiving goods, pricing, product display, seasonal merchandising, cashiering, and the very best in customer service. We believe in second chances and we offer them regularly. We are constantly delighted to discover hidden potential in people who had been otherwise cast off.

Second chances are all around us – there for the taking. Reaching for our own potential simply means taking the opportunity to grasp for it, no matter what age or stage of life we’re in. What are you waiting for…an invitation? Consider this moment your call to move forward, make the decision, take a risk and embrace a second chance. We can’t wait to see what you do!