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Inspirations by Melody Beattie
November Special Price: $8

The surest way to happiness, joy, and serenity is through gratitude. The little book, Gratitude, by Melody Beattie, author of The Language of Letting Go will show you the way.

“That rap of more, more, more only alienates us from our loved ones and our connectedness with a Higher Power … With practice, it is possible to redirect our focus from large daunting problems to life’s small, beautiful blessings that are ever present and ever sustaining. Cultivating a true sense of gratitude is more than counting our blessings … we learn to say thank you for everything in our lives, whether we feel grateful or not. That’s how we turn around circumstances that frustrate or disappoint us.” (Introduction)

God, thank you for the people I resent and envy. Bless them richly. Open doors for them, shower them with abundance. Help me know that my success doesn’t depend of their failure; it’s equivalent to how much I ask you to bless them. (M. Beattie)

During the month of November, as we focus on Gratitude, let go of the urge to acquire and settle into thanks for your present circumstances. Allow the attitude of gratitude to sink into your soul and lift you up.

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