Read the latest update from Stephanie* about her time in Stepping Stones’ advocacy program!

“It’s almost time for the kids to get back to school. My new job allows me to be home each night with them (which I LOVE), so we’re working on getting ready for the new year. I hope that what they’ve learned this summer from the advocates about their emotions will help them this year in school, too. I feel like each day they are doing better at communicating how they feel and how to deal with it when they are upset.

Last week in the family dynamics education class, it hit me that from here on out, it’s up to me on how my kids will grow up and function as adults. It seems silly that this actually hit me – I’m their mom, of course I’m responsible for this! But, I’ve learned that the emotional stress they’ve experienced over the years could continue to affect them. So, it’s up to me to be the best I can be for me AND for them. If I’m not healthy and healing, I won’t be the best mom for them…and that’s MY job!

I am so grateful to be learning so many tools here at Stepping Stones. I’m excited that my next step is going to be moving into the transition apartment later this month. It is going to be another change for us, but I’m grateful for more time to spend here at Stepping Stones to grow and learn from other families in the program and the advocates.”