Letter from a mom during 2017 holidays

Because of you, each year families in our programs are able to create the holiday season they choose, free from crisis (and sometimes for the very first time!). They are able to create traditions, choose gifts for their children, plan and cook meals together, and take time to enjoy the festive season. What an amazing experience for families to truly relax and celebrate!
You can help support local families with your holiday giving! To help families create the holiday they want, you can give gift card donations between $5-20 from Walmart, local grocery stores, or other super stores. Gift cards allow families to be a part of the season, rather than just receive, allowing them to pick out gifts that are a perfect fit for their children.

If you would like to support Stepping Stones families during the holidays, consider giving gift cards! Call Cori at 928.772.4184 for more information.