Happiness is a wonderful emotion, but it is so much more than just that at Stepping Stones – it’s about true life change. Families at Stepping Stones work so hard to become free from victimization, shed all victim posture, and move forward to a safe, healthy future for themselves and their children. In July, our safe shelter and transition housing provided more than 830 bed nights – that’s a 92% occupancy rate. But it’s not just a safe place to sleep; advocates provide hours of support for each adult and child living in shelter. Whether they are setting goals and creating a safe, stable environment to attending educational support groups, adults and children receiving advocacy services are committed to working toward happier and healthier futures.

To us, 92% occupancy is a need indicator – people who are escaping abuse need safe shelter and support in order to heal and work on living free from victimization. It makes us happy to know that we don’t have to do this alone – because of YOU, we are able to serve 24/7/365. From donations to volunteering, you help make happy, independent lives a reality for the moms and kids in our advocacy programs. Thank you for helping them find happiness again! If you or someone you know wants to find their happiness again, call our advocates 24/7/365: 928.445.HOPE (4673).