Keep your taxes local with a 2017 Tax Credit donation to Stepping Stones!

Even though 2017 is over, you can still make a Qualifying Charitable Organization Tax Credit donation and have it count for 2017! Make a donation to Stepping Stones by April 15, 2018 and indicate that it is for the 2017 Tax Credit. Those filing single can donate up to $400 and those filing joint can donate up to $800. Because this is a tax credit, you do not need to itemize to take advantage of this opportunity.

What does a tax credit donation mean for Stepping Stones?

It means safety and shelter for an abused woman and her son who have been living on the street to escape a violent relationship. It means a woman can work through trauma from childhood sexual assault that has haunted her for decades. And it means reunited a mom and her two kids so they can heal together. And for you – it means you can make this possible by keeping your tax dollars local. Thank you for supporting local families by standing with us!