new beginnings start with taking the first step

January is all about new beginnings for many people. The new year prompts everyone to get moving on their goals and annual planning in all areas of their lives. But at Stepping Stones, every day is a new beginning. Families choose to say NO MORE to violence, abuse, and victimization every day in our program. And we know that each day is a chance to make a change for the better. Here are three key ideas that we believe New Beginnings mean at Stepping Stones.

New Beginnings mean GOALS: In our advocacy program, adults meet one-on-one with advocates to create goals that fit how they want to move forward in their lives. From immediate needs (“I can’t apply for jobs because my boyfriend cut up my driver’s license.”) to long term dreams (“I want to become a nurse and help people, so I need to find a way to go to school”). With the help of advocates, adults are able to break their goals down into bite sized pieces that they can accomplish — and they build their confidence with each achievement!

New Beginnings mean LETTING GO: It’s hard to move forward when someone is still holding on to the past. Every mistake, every fear, every regret can keep us from taking steps toward a healthier, happier future. Families at Stepping Stones take an honest look at behaviors and choices in their lives and work to make changes in the areas they have control over while learning to let go of everything else. It is key to be able to take responsibility for our lives and work to not hold on to the fear, pain, and actions of others. New beginnings help us take inventory of these areas of life and take action.

New Beginnings mean HOPE: Starting fresh can be scary. It’s a second chance that could be great or could lead down another challenging road. But, new beginnings provide a perfect opportunity to dream about the future and put hope in those dreams that are not yet realized. When adults begin to rebuild their confidence as they accomplish goals, they are able to instill hope in what is next in their lives.

A new beginning doesn’t mean that you’ll always be perfect, but it does mean you have the chance to create the life you want. If you or someone you know needs support in starting a new beginning after abuse, call our advocates on our 24/7/365 helpline: 928.445.4673.