The Stepping Stones 24/7 Helpline is the place you can reach advocates any time of the day or night. Our advocates are committed to speaking with each person where they are at, not where they “should” be in their situation.
The advocates focus on hearing through the fear, anxiety, and hostility in order to truly hear the pain and crisis the person on the line is experiencing. They stay clear on our purpose, knowing their job is not to fix people, but to listen and help them become empowered enough to take action in their lives. With each call, advocates give honest and direct feedback in order to best meet the needs of the caller.
We hope that anyone who calls us experiences non-judgmental, unconditional acceptance, and rigorous honesty that will help them find some clarity and their moment of empowerment to take action to change their lives and the lives of their children. We hope that those experiencing violence are able to make decisions that will help them and their children live free from all forms of future victimization. And finally, we hope that they will find peace, safety, and strength in the support of our advocates as they break the silence.

Advocates are always available: 928-445-HOPE (4673).