“I don’t have near as much money as I had when I was with my husband. My kids and I are struggling financially. But waking up and going to bed each day in my own house without a drunk, verbally and physically abusive person in our lives anymore is worth the work of making it on my own. And now I know I am capable of anything and don’t need to settle for someone that is not good to me and my kids just for financial security.

Thank you to all of the advocates at Stepping Stones for helping me see that I deserve better and that my kids and I can make it on our own.”


“My boyfriend owned his own security systems company and made a ton of money. We had a boat, motor home, and an amazing house. But I wasn’t allowed to work because he was jealous of me being around other people or having any life outside of our relationship. When he would get really high, he would remind me constantly about what a loser I was and that I would have nothing if it wasn’t for him. I didn’t dare say a word because it would always lead to a beating.

The night the police brought me to Stepping Stones was the night he kicked me out of the car at 2am. I remember being so humiliated having to go to a shelter. Fast forward nine months. I have been clean and sober since then, I have my own apartment, and got my CNA certificate. I am working a lot to make ends meet, but being free is so worth it. And knowing I can do it makes me so proud of myself.”

-Letters from two former shelter residents