Hand Writing

[This is a letter written by a former resident of our shelter for future women to inspire hope]

Dearest Newcomer,

Welcome to Stepping Stones. The moment you opened the front door here, you opened the door to your new life.

You may feel nervous or unsure, but you are in a safe place. You will now have a place in which to build and nurture all that you really are. There is nothing to hold you back from truly achieving your dreams.

With the gifts of your determination and imagination, the wonders of your heart can be shaped into reality. The way may not always be easy, but remember now, only you can stop you.

So gather your momentum and self-discipline, listen carefully and accept the knowledge that you will be given here. You are kw well on your way to achieving the dreams you have and perhaps even discovering new ones. I would wish you good luck, but with the foundation you will be building at Stepping Stones, I know that you will not need to depend on luck.

Sincerest regards,
~a former resident