What does it take to say NO MORE to violence or abuse? For some, it may be something that is never tolerated, so one instance is enough. But for others, it may take hitting rock bottom or witnessing abuse happen to someone they love before they are able to say enough is enough.

Taking the step to say NO MORE can be difficult when you haven’t learned any other way to live. If you grow up with unhealthy family dynamics, many carry those same dynamics with them to their adult relationships. We’ve learned during our 43 years of service that adults we’ve served have experienced on average 3 abusive relationships in their life. The abuse that brought them to us is usually not the first time.

An important part of Stepping Stones’ advocacy services is the chance to learn about the dynamics of violence, unhealthy relationships, and topics like codependency and boundaries. These educational groups are often the place where adults get their “ah-ha” moments and grow to understand their experiences and how they can move forward to be free from abuse.

Once you’ve learned something new, you can be responsible to use the knowledge and skills to change your life and do the hard work to live free from all victimization.

If you or someone you know needs support, please call our 24/7/365 Helpline at 928-445-4673.


Note from a former resident: “I’m forever grateful for this amazing community.”

Check out this note from a former resident about how they said NO MORE to violence in their life. Families are finding freedom from abuse through hard work with the support of Stepping Stones advocates. If you need support, call our 24/7/365 Helpline: 928-445-4673.