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Almost Alcoholic
By Robert Doyle, MD and Joseph Nowinski, PhD
January Price: $16.95

Is My (or My Loved One’s) Drinking a Problem?
Most of the time we think of people in one category or another: Alcoholic or not alcoholic. But is that true? Think about it; you may have known people that you regarded as problem drinkers but would you label them alcoholic? Or maybe you, yourself, have wondered if you are developing a problem. So one of the questions that Almost Alcoholic asks is, “What is your relationship with drinking? Do you have a ‘Casual Friendship’, ‘Serious Relationship’ or ‘Commitment’?” (p. 78)

The truth of the matter is that no one wakes up one day to announce, “Look at me, I’m alcoholic!” It takes time to fall into alcoholism. There’s a continuum from casual relationship with alcohol to commitment.
“The key to understanding if you or someone you love is drinking in the almost alcoholic zone includes both whether you engage in these behaviors and how consistently you do so. Here they are:

  1. You continue drinking despite at least some negative consequences.
  2. You look forward to drinking.
  3. You drink alone.
  4. You sometimes drink to control emotional and/or physical symptoms.
  5. You and your loved ones are suffering as a result of your drinking.” (p. 29)

This book is filled with stories of people who recognized themselves in the category of almost alcoholic. Maybe you know someone who fits as well.