As 2022 comes to a close, we want to celebrate the hard work local families right here in our community have done this year to speak up and find freedom from all forms of abuse.

Take a look at a few reflections from families who have received services in 2022. Celebrate their bravery and courage to change their lives with us!

“I had a wonderful experience at SSA. I believe in the program. I believe that the way the program is set up is setting me up for success, so that I can live a life free of abuse.”

“Stepping Stones was truly my safety net being here just being here gave a peace I haven’t felt in a while.”

“I learned about all forms of domestic violence and how to avoid them. I got stronger and found ‘me’ again.”

“Today, I am healing from abuse and I’m able to point out what’s healthy and what is not for me.”

“The advocacy here is amazing. I have been given a voice and felt heard. I’ve never had this before. Should I become presented w/domestic violence in the future, I will run as fast as I can, pay attention to red flags. I hope to never be in another abusive situation ever again.”