“Stepping Stones was extremely helpful, the staff were all extremely welcoming and kind. There was a good balance of structure and freedom and the classes were very educational. I learned new life skills that help me better manage my life. I am grateful that I can use my new boundaries and respect for myself so I can take care of myself and stay safe.”  – Shelter graduate

Once adults at Stepping Stones are safe, they spend time focusing on learning new skills and rediscovering respect and confidence for themselves. It takes time and hard work to examine what is happening in their lives and find areas for personal growth.

Our educational support groups offer space for adults to learn about important topics like domestic violence, codependency, boundaries, childhood trauma, and more. Often, our advocates hear remarks of gratitude because the adult can finally identify something they felt or experienced throughout their life. Those “ah-ha” moments help provide motivation to continue doing the hard work and live lives free from all forms of victimization.

Day and night, we are here. If you need to speak with an advocates, call our 24/7/365 helpline at 928-445-4673.