Allison* came to Stepping Stones after being abused by her boyfriend for more than a year. It first began with little things like wanting her to be home with him. On the surface, she didn’t think much of it – they loved each other and wanted to spend time together!

But as time passed, he became more controlling. Her time was no longer hers. She wasn’t able to go do things like have lunch with friends because he didn’t want her to go out without him. As she slowly lost her independence, the abuse increased and he added violence into the mix. She felt isolated and stayed in the relationship. Finally, she decided to call Stepping Stones to learn about what she could do. She came to live in the shelter for a short time before reconnecting with her family where she could live safely.

By spending time with Stepping Stones’ advocates and attending educational support groups, Allison learned how her partner used isolation to control her. She was able to rebuild her confidence and independence with skills to help her stay free from all forms of abuse in her future.

If you or someone you know wants to find freedom from abuse and needs to speak with our advocates, please call our 24/7/365 helpline at 928-445-4673.

*Name changed