Each month we’ll feature a book or item from our 12-step recovery and inspirational bookstore! These items will be available for purchase inside our Administration Office in Prescott Valley located at:
2651 N. Industrial Way, Suite A, Prescott Valley 86314. Open Mon – Thurs 9 am – 4 pm, and Friday by appointment. Call Suzi or Leslie at 928-772-4184 to learn more.

Pocket Power Series
by Hazelden Foundation
December Special Price: 1 for $2.75; 5 for $10

Five Inspirational Topics: Gratitude – Patience – Serenity – Letting Go – Forgiveness

Qualities, actions, and states of mind that promote happiness and health in everyday life, available in pocket-sized booklets for you to keep close. All based on the principles of the Twelve Step program of recovery, each little Pocket Power book leads you through the concept and corresponding steps. Examples include:

Gratitude – What is it? Where do we get it? And why is it so important? For one thing, we become grateful when we give up trying to be self-sufficient and accept help.

Patience – is letting go of our self-will and need to control by turning our will and our lives over. We need to make that decision over and over again, when we don’t get the promotion we think we deserve, when a loved one doesn’t return our affections, when our child misbehaves. In other words, whenever things don’t go our way we need patience.

Pocket books are also available to give you support, guidance, and hope about Serenity, Letting Go, and Forgiveness. Keep one or more little books in your pocket, put it in your purse or stuff it in a stocking for a surprise. Pocket Power are $2.75 each or buy 5 for $10.