Check out this special note from a former shelter resident:

“For years I was stuck blaming my ex, my parents, my bossy sister, my stupid boss, everyone and everything for anything that happened to me. My advocate at Stepping Stones was so patient. She let me rant on and on and really made me feel like finally someone was listening to me. Then one day she said “OK, I have heard about what everyone has done to make your life miserable. What have you done to make your life happy?” I realized in about 20 seconds I couldn’t think of anything. I was totally embarrassed. I learned that letting go of the things I really can’t fix and focusing on the things that were in my power to make better, made me feel productive and powerful. Accomplishing goals and letting go of all the anger and baggage made me feel happy. Wow, what a waste of time. Now I Choose to be happy. My kids are better for it and that makes me feel great. I am also letting go of people in my life that reinforced all my whining and victim stuff and now I surround myself with people that tell me the truth and make me feel good about myself. It has been two years now since I was in the hospital because of my ex’s beating. I haven’t had a drink for two years. PLEASE PLEASE CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. It works.”

― Note from a former shelter resident