Stepping Stones is launching a new project – a podcast!

The Fearless Inventory podcast is an introduction (and an extension) of the work local families are doing each day to find freedom from all forms of victimization. While we specialize in supporting those who are experiencing domestic violence, we know that there is A LOT that is happening in someone’s life beyond a physical act of violence.

That’s why we created this podcast – it’s a chance for ANYONE to take a peek inside these important (and often scary) topics and learn more about areas in our lives that may keep us vulnerable to abuse.
While the upcoming episodes will discuss topics like unmanageability, domestic violence, substance abuse, boundaries, and more, they are only a small part of a larger conversation. When you start listening, please know that our advocates are available if something comes up for you. They are available to meet in person, talk on the phone, and help get you connected to resources like our educational support groups (that go much more in-depth on these topics!). You can reach them on our 24/7/365 Helpline at 928-445-4673.

Stay tuned for the Fearless Inventory podcast coming soon! Questions? Reach out to Alexis at 928-772-4184.

Fearless Inventory Podcast Episode Sneak Peek:
  • Episode 1: Introduction to Fearless Inventory
  • Episode 2: Cycle of Unmanageability
  • Episode 3: What is Domestic Violence Anyway?