Are you inspired by Pinterest, TV, or other media to create special and unique décor for your home or work space? You’re not alone! Check out our DIY gallery wall for inspiration on how you can transform your space with some awesome items you can find at Stepping Stones Thrift Stores!

1.Find some GALLERY WALL examples you like for your space (search Google or Pinterest – we searched Google to find the images below).

2. Stop by Stepping Stones Thrift to browse for items that fit your ideas and space!

  • For a living room or bedroom: look for a variety of frames and word art to hang (frames typically are less than $1 each!).
  • For a kitchen or dining room: look for wall décor or food-inspired items to be included (wall art averages around $10 each).

3. Start crafting, building, and hanging!

  • Gather up needed supplies like nails, 3M command strips, hammer, paint, etc.
  • Print photos or art that you want to include.
  • Arrange your design on the floor to decide where each piece should go before hanging.
  • Hang your display and snap a picture to share with us on social media or email to!

Find a variety of frames at Stepping Stones thrift (typically frames are less than $1 each).


Check out our many shelves for special art and other items fitting your theme that you can include in your wall display!