“A light bulb went off for me when I heard an advocate talk about how bad communication can last throughout life when you learn it in your family environment. No one in my family ever addressed problems, and I continued to do the same thing in my relationship to try to keep things calm. And whenever I did bring up an issue, he would yell and get so angry. I understand now that I needed to take a look at my past so I can be a better communicator in all parts of my life moving on.”

Clara* recognized that her relationship was unhealthy and called Stepping Stones to talk with an advocate after she ended it. Because she had a safe place to live, Clara began attending educational support groups to start unpacking some of what she was going through in a supportive environment.

In attending the groups, she discovered that she had also learned behaviors growing up that limited how she interacted with the people in her life. Clara’s examination of her past and opportunity to address some of her own learned behaviors helped her to build new skills and become a better communicator.

If you’ve experienced abuse – past or present – and want to join our educational support groups to “be better,” call our advocates on our 24/7/365 Helpline to learn how: 928-445-4673.

*name changed