When Mary* moved into Stepping Stones to escape her abusive boyfriend, she had a small bag of her personal belongings and no money. When an advocate sat down to assess her needs and her next steps, she discovered that Mary was in need of important heart medication. Mary didn’t know how she could pay for it and considered asking people for change in order to purchase her medication, which her out-of-pocket cost was less than $2. With a donated Walmart gift card, our advocate went with Mary to Walmart to get the prescription.

We know that gift cards aren’t as exciting to purchase as a specific gift or item for someone, but they are incredibly valuable for our advocates to help meet the immediate needs of the families who come in for support.

A few ways we’ve used donated gift cards recently include:

  • prescriptions
  • women’s underwear
  • reading glasses
  • Tracfone

We are so grateful for our friends who help support families with us through their generous donations. Because of you, families are able to be SAFE and receive necessities to meet their immediate needs.

If you would like to donate gift cards to help meet families needs when they come in the door, please call Alexis or Cori at 928-772-4184 or drop them off at our Administration Office located at 2651 N. Industrial Way in Prescott Valley.

Thank you supporting local families finding freedom from abuse!