“The abuse started happening slowly, not realizing he was tearing me down until it was too late. He started by coming up with excuses why I couldn’t go see my friends and family. Then, he would tell me I wasn’t worth anything as a person. By the time he started getting physically violent, I was already so tore down, I didn’t care much. When I finally left and came to Stepping Stones, I was so empty, it took me several days to even start processing what my life had become.”

Janna’s* story is like many who are experiencing abuse. The impact of the abuse is far deeper than bruises because emotional and mental abuse can keep people vulnerable to future abuse.

Our advocates work with adults to help them find their potential and rebuild their self-worth when they feel as though they are worthless. For many, it is difficult to begin to put in the work to rebuild what they lost (or may be finding for the first time). But, our advocates are there every step of the way, helping each person to find freedom from abuse and discover what their life can look like in the future.

“The physical stuff never hurt as badly as his words. I can’t say enough about how Stepping Stones advocates helped me find who I was again. I chose to do the work to rebuild what he tore down, and now I feel stronger than ever.” Our advocates are available 24/7/365: 928.445.4673.

* name changed