It can be difficult to find hope during a crisis, but for 40 years, we have been doing just that – seeking hope and empowering adults when they are facing their darkest moments. Many are feeling very anxious during the pandemic, so we want to share some hopeful, empowering, and encouraging stories for you to read and share with your community.

Safe shelter gave hope again:

“I first came to Stepping Stones after my partner escalated to hitting me. I dealt with the yelling and the blaming, but I couldn’t stay somewhere with physical violence especially after my childhood (they always fought). It was the line that was crossed. So I called the helpline. The advocate was so nice, she listened and helped me talk about what I experienced and helped me to move into the shelter. It took awhile for me to get used to living in the shelter, I had never been in a place where there wasn’t yelling before. I realized that I had started acting like that myself when something happened I didn’t like, I yelled. But the advocates didn’t get mad at me for it, they talked with me about how to work through my emotions and connected me with a counselor who is really helping me grow. I have hope for myself now, hope that I don’t have to live a life full of yelling anymore. I know there is still a lot for me to learn, but I feel hopeful about my life for the first time.” – Mel, former shelter resident

Children’s Advocacy changing lives for mom and daughter:

“My kids grew so much while at Stepping Stones. I didn’t know they were so hurt by what me and my husband did when we fought. I thought that since he never touched them, they were ok. I could handle it for them. But now I know that’s not true. Stepping Stones advocate told me that my kids were just like me, a victim of his abuse. The one advocate works with the kids and my littlest one just loves the activities. I can see how she is doing so much better saying what she means and she doesn’t cry as much anymore. I’m so grateful. I can see how our future will be so much better now.” – Jenn, former shelter resident

Educational Support Group helps to work through the past:

“The stress and anxiety of all this virus stuff brought up all these old emotions and memories about my last relationship. It’s been over for awhile, but I didn’t realize how much it still affected me. I decided to call the Stepping Stones Helpline to talk to someone about it. They suggested that I join in the education groups to keep working through what I was feeling. It has been the best thing for me, I really can’t believe how much I had been holding in because of that relationship. I love my time talking with the advocates, even though it is SO HARD. I don’t want to confront some of these things, but each time I do, I feel better. And I know they are always there, so I’m not worried about what may come up next. Thank you Stepping Stones for how you’re making a difference for me.” – Niki, community member


Need some support for something you’re experiencing during the pandemic? Learn more about our Educational support groups.

We’ve taken our educational support groups virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who are living in our safe shelter and others who would normally come to a group or meet face-to-face with our advocates now can come to our groups via Zoom. Advocates are able to provide the same great materials and discussions, while keeping physical distancing measures in mind. Topics range from codependency to understanding domestic violence to childhood trauma. These groups are happening daily, and they are available to anyone. You can call our 24/7 Helpline to get connected for a future group and talk with an advocate right now – 928-445-HOPE (445-4673).