Maria* was hesitant to speak up against her boyfriend. She was scared that she would be in more danger if she said something about how he hit her and belittled her. Her fear told her it would be worse if she tried to say something or get away from him.

One day, she finally told her sister in Texas the truth about what was happening. Maria felt relieved once she broke the silence, and her sister helped her find safety at Stepping Stones.

Like Maria, many survivors of intimate violence are afraid to speak up. They are afraid that they won’t be believed or that the violence will get worse if their abuser finds out. When someone bravely says “enough is enough” and takes a step forward, they are opening the door to a life free from abuse. Speaking up can be the first step on the path to freedom from all forms of victimization.

Within our advocacy and shelter services, women, men, and children have the space to take an honest self-inventory and begin to create goals to move forward and be free from abuse.

After spending about three weeks at Stepping Stones, Maria decided the best next step was to move her to Texas with her sister where she could start fresh away from her abuser.

If you or someone you know is ready to speak up, call our 24/7/365 Helpline: 928.445.4673

*name changed