We’re following Stephanie* for a year, and this is our 11th letter about her time receiving services from our 24/7/365 advocacy programs. Read below the latest from Stephanie and her kids!

“The new normal of our lives has ups and downs. Living in our apartment has been great, but lonely sometimes too. One of the kids has been struggling a lot and acting out all the time. Like all of a sudden. But, one of the advocates helped me find some people to help him talk about his feelings. I think it is helping, but I know it will take time.
I’m excited to have Christmas get here. It’s going to be good for the kids to have no fighting or anger this year. We always fought a lot during the holidays. It was stressful because he demanded everything be perfect for his family and would get mad so easily. Plus, he always drank a lot. It always started off ok, but ended in a big blow out. But this year, we don’t have to deal with any of that! Just a peaceful holiday with the other families here at Stepping Stones. I know the kids are excited for gifts, but I want to build new traditions with them, too. We will definitely find time to go to the parades and look at lights all over the towns.”