Prescott’s Next Chapter Recovery Bookstore is more than just a bookstore with a variety of 12-step books, medallions, and gifts, it is also a safe space for community based advocacy services for anyone who wants to talk to an advocate.

At Next Chapter, lead advocate Betty Della Corte spends time with adults who need to talk. From one-on-one advocacy to educational groups, Betty provides adults with support, guidance, and tools to live free from all forms of victimization. “It’s not just about domestic violence. Many people who come here don’t know what abuse is or anything about families of origin. But these are the type of things they are made aware of in our one-on-ones and in groups.”

Topics that are often discussed include: defining abuse, family of origin dynamics, carried feelings versus feeling realities, codependency, and more. Even if someone is not currently experiencing physical abuse, these topics can help support anyone experiencing painful unmanageabilty in their life. Betty shared, “Many people don’t know what boundaries are, and when they understand boundaries it can make a world of difference. They realize the type of people they were allowing to come into their life and allowing to control them.”

Many who call are currently safe but want to speak with an advocate and begin working through their experiences. For others, they are ready to take time to address the behaviors or choices that have made them vulnerable to abuse in the past. Regardless of the why, women and men can talk to our advocates and gain tools to be free from victimization.

If you or someone you know wants to speak with an advocate, call our 24/7/365 Helpline: 928-445-HOPE (445-4673). You can meet with an advocate in Prescott or Prescott Valley.