“Now the kids are back in school, we’re in a whole new world! They come home each day and are happy and not scared. Before, their dad would yell at me and them when they were rowdy after school and needed to burn of some energy. Now, they can come home, play for a bit, and then do their homework with me before dinner and bedtime. It is such a great new routine for us.
We are also officially moved into our transition apartment. I am so grateful each day to wake up in our space and be able to do things as a family again. Plus, I still can go talk to the advocates when I need to and go to groups on the weekend.
One of the strangest new things I’m experiencing is that I’m so excited to pay my rent. It feels really good to know that it is mine and I’m responsible to make it happen each month. Before it would have scared me because if I didn’t do something perfectly, he would yell and hit me. But now, I’m not so afraid because I’m safe, and I love knowing that I am taking charge of our lives.”