This month, we’re celebrating what it means to find independence and freedom from all forms of victimization. Each person’s path looks different, but we know that it takes hard work. Learn about two ways families find Independence with Stepping Stones:

Freedom from violence through a therapeutic response

Emergency services are necessary to meet immediate safety needs, but to find true freedom from abuse, it requires a therapeutic, long-term response. It’s about taking an honest self-inventory and examining areas in life that we have control over, and learning to let go of other parts of life which we cannot control. This is a difficult road – it takes honesty and courage to take a hard look at the vulnerable parts of life that may cause shame or fear. But, we know that this hard work means finally living a life free from all forms of victimization and putting an end abuse.

Finding Financial independence

One of the biggest barriers families face when trying to find freedom from abuse is financial barriers. Many experience financial abuse when they are unable to access money or become the sole earner and responsible for all the finances. One former resident shared a note about her experience with financial abuse: “I was the one who worked and made the money, while he spent it. I was the one responsible for paying rent, making car payments, and putting food on the table. I would have to hide the money that I worked hard to make, so he wouldn’t take it and spend it. He would get so emotionally abusive if he found out I had money and didn’t let him know.”

When she was able to find freedom from the abuse she was experiencing, she still struggled to find freedom financially. “Today, I struggle with my spending. After years of being controlled financially, I started to spend money all the time on everything. I am working hard at saving, budgeting, and repairing my credit so I can live more comfortably and not have to rely on anyone but myself.” Stepping Stones advocates help families meet their financial goals through education on budgeting and saving money AND providing on-the-job training through our social enterprises.

Advocates are always available on our 24/7/365 Helpline to provide resources, safety, or just a listening ear for anyone who wants to find freedom from abuse – 928.445.HOPE (445-4673).