Read the latest update from Stephanie* about her time in Stepping Stones’ advocacy program!

“It’s been such a great month for me and the kids. I feel like we’re really getting into the groove of what life could be like for us. Summer has been fun and there’s been NO fear…not really any stress…we’re just getting to enjoy life together – like going to the free outdoor movies at PV civic center! I am feeling so grateful for the experiences we’re having.

My therapist has been helping me so much as I am working on all these emotions. I wouldn’t have called anything I experienced trauma until I came to Stepping Stones and started counseling. But now, I understand so much more about what was happening in my life…and in the lives of my kids.

I also think I’ve found a job that will work great with the kids’ school schedule once the summer fun has ended. I am waiting for training to start. It feels like things are falling into place.”