“This month, I have been taking a lot of time to reflect and plan on what I can do to move forward. I have a hard time trying to figure things out on my own, but the advocates help me focus on what needs to happen now and what are things that I will need to address later. Right now, I’m continuing to see my therapist to work on the stuff I am feeling – like all the guilt about breaking up my family. I know that it isn’t ok what he has done, but it still makes me feel sad for my kids that they are having to go through this because of their dad.

I’m also looking for a job, and hope that I might be able to find something soon. I think getting into the routine of going to work again will be helpful for me. Plus it will be great to start saving money. I know my future will be better if I keep working at this. Like the Al-Anon groups say, take it just one day at a time.”