You’ve heard a little about Stephanie* and her family last month, and this month, read an update about what she has been working on so far. Don’t forget – each month, we will give updates about her time working toward freedom from all forms of victimization with Stepping Stones advocates.

“Me and my kids are feeling more settled in at Stepping Stones. Now that some of the stress and fear has gone away, I have been able to start getting into a new routine. The kids are back in their regular school schedule and I think going to class is helping them. They seem to be liking the children’s advocate and I can see their behavior changing already. They come home happy again at the end of the day and don’t have as many meltdowns.

I have been meeting with an advocate each week at our one-on-one. It’s hard, but I appreciate that they are helping me think through the hard things that are ahead. They helped me start working on divorce paperwork which is really hard. They also helped me find a therapist who is really helping me deal with all the stuff that has happened. I’ve also been going to the ed blocks almost every day at the shelter. I like hearing from others in our group and realizing that we have a lot in common.

I am starting to see what my new life will look like, but it still feels like there are so many hard things ahead. But we are safe and my kids are doing better already.”