In our 39 years of service, one thing we’ve learned is that community is key for adults as they work toward a future free from all forms of victimization. Each person needs to have supportive fellowship and people they can go to when challenging situation arise.

While living our shelter or attending educational groups, adults can find fellowship and support from advocates and peers, but what happens when they complete their time at Stepping Stones? Sometimes they don’t have anyone they can lean on when times are hard, and others have past support systems that contributed to the chaotic and unsafe lives they were living. Because of this, advocates encourage adults to find a positive, supportive community they can continue to participate in when they leave Stepping Stones’ programs.

Community can come in many forms for adults in our advocacy programs. One former resident Mary* found community through the Al-Anon meetings she began attending while living at the shelter. Anna* found her community through a class she began taking at a gym, and Janie* found community in a local church. Each of these three women found a place where they met people they connected with and who provided positive support in their daily lives beyond Stepping Stones.

If you need to talk, advocates are available day and night. Call our 24/7 Helpline: 445-4673.

Upon completion of SSA’s programs, adults reported in their 30-day follow up survey:

  • 100% did not return to their abuser and are living in their own house or with family/friends.