As volunteer coordinator, my favorite part of what I do is seeing the growth within our volunteers as they strive to “Be Better” each day. It begins with these humble people who come to Stepping Stones to make a difference in our community. It amazes me to learn at the beginning the reasons why they chose to volunteer with us. I mean, I’ve heard it all! From being bored at home to wanting to gain new job skills to being a support system for families in need, I love hearing that there is always a much deeper connection. Whether it was first-hand experience with domestic violence or a loved one who has gone through abuse, these awesome people choose to step up and make a difference because of it. That deep connection is central when it comes to volunteering and bettering ones self.

There is a young man that I met (quiet as can be!) who wanted to join our volunteer team. You can tell he was very nervous and shy, but upon starting on his first day, he was welcomed with our happy and warm associates. He was given a position to be responsible for during his volunteer shifts at one of our thrift stores. Three months later, he excelled and now has learned five different positions! I believe that his growth resulted from his desire to “be better,” learn new skills, and work hard with the support of the Stepping Stones team. Across the agency, we strive to create a positive and supportive environment and want each associate to “be better” each day. I am happy to say that every volunteer that joins our team really becomes part of our very own Stepping Stones family!