Becoming a better version of ourselves is hard work. It means we have to take an honest look at our lives and identify areas we can make changes. From learning to manage our finances and live within our means to tackling substance abuse, that’s what families in Stepping Stones’ 24/7/365 advocacy programs do each day. They begin taking the difficult, messy, uncomfortable steps forward toward a life free from all forms of abuse and victimization.
Taking steps to “be better” includes letting go of what you can’t control by focusing your energy on parts of life that you can change. With a therapeutic approach, advocates provide support for families as they improve their safety and work toward their goals through one-on-one advocacy, educational support groups and safety planning.

Stepping Stones’ advocacy services and safe shelter provides families with the opportunity to BE BETTER – better parents, better employees, better versions of themselves. If you or someone you know wants to break free from victimization and be better, call our 24/7 Helpline and talk to advocate: 928.445.HOPE (445-4673).