Last month, we visited each of our local Fry’s Food Stores to say thank you! The company’s Community Rewards Program allows you as a customer to give back to your community simply by doing your regular grocery shopping. We wanted to show our appreciation with a special plaque to the stores that are in our community and let them know the difference they are making for local families!

When Stepping Stones began participating, we knew there was POTENTIAL in what our community can do with such an easy and great opportunity to give back where you live. Each year, we have seen the number of participants grow, and we are so grateful that more and more people are learning about this opportunity. In the last two years, Stepping Stones has received over $3,000 from the Fry’s Community Rewards Program, all because of you!

Thank you to our local stores for supporting this program! And a huge THANK YOU to you for making a difference through the Community Rewards Program by choosing Stepping Stones! If you aren’t a part of the Community Rewards Program yet, click here to learn more on our website.

Willow Creek location

Prescott Valley location

Fair Street location