The effects of abuse go far beyond physical or emotional pain. Abuse keeps victims from finding freedom and clarity in their lives, even after getting away from an abusive partner. The abuse produces a fog that clouds decisions, emotions, and each attempt to live a healthy, positive life. When a victim is already living in chaos, this fog keeps them vulnerable to further victimization.

Yet, it is possible to break through the fog. It is possible to escape abuse and find POTENTIAL through hard work, hope, and clarity on the other side. These “a-ha” moments can often appear when a simple, small victory happens in their lives. Jenny* began realizing her potential after completing her court paperwork. She felt overwhelmed with the weight of legal paperwork, but as she walked through step-by-step, she got to the end and realized she was capable of accomplishing the task. Jenny celebrated with her advocate that she was one step closer to a safer future for her and her daughter. Like Jenny, adults receiving advocacy are able to begin creating goals, identifying areas they can make changes in their lives with the support of our advocates.

Zig Ziglar said, “When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.”Each day, through their hard work, families at Stepping Stones are catching glimpses of their potential and igniting their hope for lives independent of abuse!

* Name changed