Monthly CPR and First Aid classes are taught by New Life in the conference room.

With five meeting rooms, the Step One Community Center provides community groups and non-profits with space for meetings and trainings. In 2016, the Step One Community Center provided more than 3,500 hours of meeting, averaging about 10 hours each and every day!

Throughout the week, more than 25 12-Step and Recovery groups meet at the Community Center and have supportive fellowship meetings.

Non-profit groups regularly use our meeting rooms to have meeting and trainings for their staff, board, and members of the community, like West Yavapai Guidance Clinic’s Mental Health First Aid training or New Life’s CPR and First Aid classes.

Additionally, inside the Step One Coffee House, the Wall of Resources provides up-to-day brochures and materials for local non-profits, support groups, and other local resource groups.


The Wall of Resources in the Step One Coffee House includes hundreds of local resources for families.