Baristas learned in-depth information about all the key elements to a great cup of coffee.New Handcrafted menu launching this month!

In February, the Step One Coffee House staff participated in a special “Barista Camp” to deepen their coffee knowledge. This special training program was developed for baristas to learn about coffee origins, roasts, as well as how elements such as grind and water temperature can make a big difference in the final product. In addition to all the ins-and-outs of coffee, barista camp focuses on the core of what Stepping Stones is about: serving the community. All proceeds from the Step One Coffee House go directly to the 24/7/365 advocacy services and safe shelter for adult and child victims right here in our community. Additionally, Step One Coffee House provides paid job training for women in our program or other individuals in the community who need a helping hand.

Pour-over is coming to Step One Coffee House!

Step One Coffee House is also launching a new handcrafted menu featuring French press and pour-over this month. These two brewing methods offer coffee lovers a different experience. Coffee House manager Brandon Duncanson said, “The pour-over brewing method creates a cup of coffee that is distinctive, bright, and subtly sweet. The French press brewing method is truly coffee in its purest form. When you use a French press, you get a cup of coffee that is rich and full flavored.” Stop by the Step One Coffee House and ask our baristas about these two new handcrafted specialties and look for our new handcrafted menu coming later this month!