Independence is declaring that you are capable and will make choices that are best for you and your children. It’s the opportunity to choose to live the best life possible.

Empowering women and children to be self-sufficient, independent, and resilient is central to Stepping Stones’ work in the community. Advocates provide many resources to women seeking advocacy through our services, but it is up to the women to choose to do the hard work that is required to make big changes.

The first step a woman takes is a fearless self-inventory of her own personal issues and addressing the areas she is capable of changing in order to move forward in her healing and growth. After she begins impacting these areas of her life, then she can move on to the more traditional areas of need such as seeking employment, learning to budget money, and building fellowship to support her growth. In this order, the traditional needs have more meaning because she is empowered.

True empowerment is letting go of the things you cannot control and focusing on the things in your life that you do have the power to change. You cannot control other’s actions, but you can choose your responses and choose to make the best choices for your life each day.

It is up to each woman to make the choice, but becoming independent doesn’t mean they are alone. We’re here 24/7/365 to support those doing the hard work to change their lives.