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Family violence causes a ripple mother_and_child SMALLERthat interferes with not only an individual’s physical and emotional well-being, but also with their economic security. The economic impact that comes from abuse makes it hard for victims to stay financially secure.

Women experiencing violence constantly have a hard time making it to work or school because of injury, legal or therapeutic services during work hours and this results in lost wages or missed school. Research shows that even if a survivor is working, they often don’t complete their work because of distraction/lack of focus, fear of harassment from offender, and fear that colleagues will find out about the abuse.

This economic impact gets worse if the violent partner intentionally creates barriers to keep their partner from getting an education or holding down a job. With few skills and no income, there is little chance for economic independence.

EDITED Group picAt Stepping Stones, we believe in building self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, and resiliency in the women we serve.  Sometimes it is the first time that a survivor is creating a strong, stable foundation in their life, so it is central to our work that they learn to let go of the things they truly cannot control.  Every woman has to make the choice to work extremely hard, and we provide support and encouragement along the long road.