January is the month of NEW BEGINNINGS!390ASP933628

Here is a letter from a former resident who lived at Stepping Stones 24/7/365 emergency shelter a few years ago.

“The thought of leaving my home of 15 years, with my kids in tow, on Christmas Eve no less, was excruciating.  I hurt all over and felt sick inside.  But I knew my husband’s drinking and verbal abuse was escalating and my kids could not be exposed to this any longer.  When he called drunk on Christmas Eve and said he was going to be late…which meant he wasn’t coming home at all…I thought now is my chance.  My friend told me about Stepping Stones a couple of years ago, but I said to myself I would never take my kids to a shelter.  Instead, I let them live with the yelling and screaming for two more years out of pride.  When I walked through the doors at 2 am Christmas morning, I was amazed at how wonderful the advocate was that greeted us.  She put my kids to bed, we got the presents out of my car and put them under the tree with the other tons of gifts, and she stayed up with me and we talked till the other moms got up.  By 8 am, there was 12 women and about 18 kids, all opening gifts, laughing and everyone was happy.  I realized at that moment that the hardest thing I have ever had to do, was going to be the start of a new beginning for me and my kids.”
Remember you can speak to an advocate 24/7/365 at 928-445-4673 (445-HOPE) – we are here to help with your new beginning.