Here at Stepping Stones we know that every one of the women who have changed their lives, did so against all odds and these brave women need the encouragement and support to continue with the daunting work ahead.

We started asking the women who have been through our program if they would leave behind words of encouragement for those entering Stepping Stones for the first time. What resulted was a collection of notes, poems, letters, and more all written by the women who had come through our doors. These women were doing more than writing simple words of encouragement, but rather leaving a legacy. 

The Legacy Journal began in 1990, as a compilation of the inspirational words from these women in support of those that would follow them.  Despite the abuse and unmanageability these women faced, they maintained an unrivaled amount of strength and courage, which helped them to choose to do the hard work it takes to change their lives and the lives of their children. These women continue to inspire us personally as well as the families who will follow them through the front door of Stepping Stones. So thank you to all of the courageous women who left a legacy with Stepping Stones!

Some letters from former residents passed on to future families who will come to us for help.