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Stepping Stones has worked diligently to move from a “charity” posture and “entitlement” mentality to a “consumer-driven” posture and “high-impact service” mentality in the way we run our businesses and provide services. We believe this agency-wide shift in posture has created a culture of “possibility” that has a profoundly positive impact on those individual adults and children that come to us for help.


Just like the women and children who come to us for help learn to move from a “victim” posture to one of “self-sufficiency”, the social enterprises that we have developed now support our mission. And like the women who have been able to integrate into the community and live lives free from abuse and victimization, our social enterprises have become a vital component of our local economy.

Our social enterprise services provide several areas of paid job training venues for approximately 20 women in our shelter each year. They also provide affordable training/meeting space to community-based service providers. And most importantly, a sustainable revenue stream to assure that all of our services are available to our community 24/7/365.