Happiness is more than just a feeling – it’s about approaching life with a positive attitude and a bag full of tools to help you accomplish your goals. Sometimes shifting attitudes toward happiness can be one of the most challenging parts of growth. It’s not easy to move away from chaos and pain to happiness.

But here at Stepping Stones, we know it is possible. Families receiving services learn how they can work toward a positive, happy future with tools to help them address unhealthy relationships, substance abuse, or trauma. During an education class on obsessive compulsive behaviors, a resident shared that she realized that when her ex-boyfriend would tell her she was worthless, she spent so much time obsessing over his words that she began to make it her reality. She quit trying at work and with her kids. She didn’t care because she believed she was worthless. Now, she is actively working to remind herself each day that she is valuable, important, and she CAN make a difference in her life and the lives of her children. She is learning how she can empower her family and create happy, healthy futures. Through education, supportive fellowship, and professional services, she is choosing to live free from victimization.

Life won’t always be happy, but knowing how to handle the ups and downs with positivity and hope can make all the difference. Our shelter graduate’s letter below says it best – unconditional love, support and education can lead to true happiness! If you or someone you love needs help, encourage them to call our 24/7/365 Helpline at 928.445.4673.