Stepping Stones NO MORE posters


The NO MORE campaign first launched in 2014, and each year at Stepping Stones, we support the NO MORE movement as we continue our mission to end all forms of abuse and victimization in our community.

While these topics have been highlighted recently in the media, it’s not a new issue. For 38 years, families have been coming to Stepping Stones to say NO MORE to abuse and work toward healthy futures. Choosing to say NO MORE is not an easy thing to do. It requires someone to let go of many things that they cannot control and choose to focus on the areas in their lives they have the power to change. Families who come to Stepping Stones take an honest self-inventory of their life in order to see what areas they can address so they can move forward and break free of all forms of victimization.

Will you join us in saying NO MORE domestic violence and sexual assault in our community? You can fill out one of our NO MORE posters at any of our locations, share with us online here, or tell us why on our Facebook page!




Poem from a shelter resident: “I said NO MORE”

Stepping Stones resident poem